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Artists at Visceral Games experimented with dozens of gruesome designs before hitting upon the right physiology for humans that have turned into the aptly named Puker.

“We looked at human anatomy, the bones, sinews, organs, et cetera, and tried to think how they might be rearranged into something horrific. The more we made them look like normal people who went through something terrible, the deeper the emotional impact.” The team collected medical, autopsy, and accident photos to study, carefully stashing them in an office folder labeled body trauma: warning! extremely graphic!

You know honestly, I’m going to indulge in trying to scare the living shit out of my self with this game this week. Can’t say many games have done that and there’s just something about the fact that no matter where I go, some 40 cm circumference opening mutant has the ability to shawshank its way through the vents and proceed to oral me in a non-pleasant way.

5 Ways Video Games Are About to Get Way More F#@kable

As Grandma always said, “The only drawback to fucking is the humans.” That’s why pretty much every horny, lonely person on earth has wished at some point for a convincing sex simulation, a realistic experience with no strings attached after they turn off the power.

This is way too impressive to formulate any non-professional feedback or comment to so I will resort to traditional speech…DAMN WE GET TO FUCK IN THE DIGITAL WORLD NOW?! NO BARRIERS!!!!


PSP2 to have 3G Connectivity and Nice Screen

Sony has yet to officially unveil the PSP2, but it seems that a Japanese newspaper has spilled the beans.

According to the report, the PSP2 will be able to link (in Japan) up with the NTT DoCoMo network via 3G phone connection. With this news, it may be a possibility that North America, Europe, and Australia might get the same treatment.

The report also mentioned that the handheld will have an OLED screen. Sony is expected to officially reveal the PSP2 later this week.

(kotaku | nikkei)

This definitely spells out that the mobile telecommunication market is really about mobile gaming…

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